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Welcome to Pillar Clinical Research


Pillar Clinical Research was founded in 2007 by Brian Craig, MA, ThM, LPC, and a board-certified clinician.  Before establishing Pillar Clinical Research, Brian founded Pillar Mental Health Systems and worked with leading mental health inpatient providers in Central Texas, conducting clinical trials. He is recognized as an industry-leading psychometric rater with over 25 years of experience in central nervous system clinical trials. As the president of the Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery Unit, Brian continues to serve Pillar Clinical Research as a psychometric rater and sub-investigator in Richardson, Texas.


In 2020, Carol Witham joined Pillar Clinical Research as CEO and leveraged over 20 years of successful experience in clinical research and advocacy. In addition to owning and operating a thriving outpatient program for adults in Central Arkansas, she was the founder and CEO of a leading clinical research company.


In 2007, Pillar consisted of one location with 20 beds in Richardson, Texas. Today, Pillar consists of four multispecialty sites, all capable of phase I through IV clinical trials, with a combined capacity of 142 beds across three states. Our growth strategy goals have been achieved to the point that we have expanded according to the market’s needs with locations in these dynamic markets:

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Chicago, Illinois

Bentonville, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

Our Vision

The vision of Pillar Clinical Research is to become the volunteer-centered clinical research organization of reference to pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors for managing central nervous system clinical trials and developing innovative treatments worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a professional and honest approach to clinical trials for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries so that we may accelerate the development of new, safe, and effective medical therapies for the benefit of the volunteers we serve.

Our Services

Building a Healthier Future

Learn more about what it’s like to volunteer for and participate in a clinical trial. See what current study options are available for you at your closest Pillar study site. No health insurance is needed to participate. Learn More

Pillar Clinical Research has the experience and expertise to help shape protocols during the design stages, conduct Phase I through IV trials, pilot new technologies, and provide free consulting to Sponsors and CROs to partner for success.

Learn More

Pillar Clinical Research collaborates with local clinics, agencies, advocacy groups and health systems to provide education and research options for your patients and their loved ones. Let’s support each other! Learn More
About Pillar

Excellence, Innovation & Integrity

Pillar Clinical Research provides numerous mental health research study opportunities for volunteers in our local communities. Get to know Pillar and how we can work together toward a healthier future.

Expert Investigators

Our Principal Investigators (physicians) have the experience and expertise in conducting pivotal inpatient and outpatient trials for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, addictions, and more.

Inpatient & Outpatient

All of our locations have inpatient as well as outpatient clinical trials capabilities for studies that require post-dose and overnight monitoring.

Experienced Staff

Pillar Clinical Research employs highly trained and skilled clinical research staff committed to providing each participant with an exceptional level of care and attention. 

Community Impact

Pillar Clinical Research supports and collaborates with local and national advocacy groups in an effort to make an impact in our local communities. Contact us today to make a difference!

Hi, we’re Pillar Clinical Research.

Our Mission is to Provide a Professional and Honest Approach to Clinical Trials

Getting involved is simple and can make a significant difference. Advancements in medicine are not possible without volunteers like you. See if you qualify for an available study today.

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Letter from Our CEO

October is Depression and Mental Health Awareness Month. 

October is depression and mental health awareness month. Although these topics are not often discussed in our personal or work lives, mental health disorders affect millions of American workers. The purpose is to increase understanding, decrease stereotypes, and help educate on how depression and other mental health issues impact people. Awareness months give people affected by a specific condition a chance to share their stories. The goal is to help increase the overall understanding of depression or other conditions and help overcome stereotypes.

There are many types of depression and mental health disorders. From seasonal affective disorder (SAD) to bipolar to generalized anxiety to alcohol use, these and many other mental health disorders can be diagnosed and treated in their own specific ways.

There are some steps you can take to help manage your mental health. Still, these suggestions should not be taken as a substitute for seeing a medical professional and receiving appropriate therapy. 

  • Eat a regularly healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low‐fat dairy
  • Be physically active every day, whether it’s a few 10-minute walks throughout the day or spending 60 minutes at the gym
  • Set aside time for fun and relaxation, which could mean spending an afternoon playing outside with your kids or curling up on a couch to read a book
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs, both of which can alter your mood and make a bad situation seem even worse
  • Stay connected with friends and family because having a solid social support network is critical to maintaining a happy, healthy mindset. Mental health is just as important as our physical health, so it is vital to understand the resources available as you seek to improve this aspect of your health.

Join us as we build awareness of mental health and self-care.



Carol Witham

Chief Executive Officer

Our Locations

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Founded in 2006 in Richardson, Texas, our flagship location has Phase I-IV capabilities with a dedicated outpatient program and a 60-bed inpatient research unit.

Chicago, Illinois

Based near the heart of downtown Chicago and opened in 2018, this site conducts Phase I-IV studies and features outpatient space, a 24-bed inpatient research unit, and a dedicated Phase I unit with 50 beds.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Located in Arkansas' capital and established in 2022, this facility conducts Phase I-IV studies and features an 8-bed inpatient unit and outpatient space.

Bentonville, Arkansas

This modern center in Northwest Arkansas opened in 2019 and conducts Phase I-IV inpatient and outpatient studies. This location features a 24-bed inpatient unit, a 24-bed Phase I unit, and an indoor smoking lounge.

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