Clinical Research Site Manager

Lincolnwood, IL

Pillar Clinical Research is seeking a qualified site manager to comprehensively run the daily operations of a clinical research site. The role requires strong leadership skills, accountability for stringent safety procedures, exceptional mentorship, and a proactive approach to local marketing.

We are looking for at least 2 years of experience managing the day to day operations in the clinical research industry. Site managers also need to be familiar with using a computer and Microsoft office products.

Skills necessary to be a successful site manager:

Staff Management –Site Managers need to identify and hire the right talent for their team. Additionally, he/she must maintain a positive morale, resolve conflicts, and make hard decisions when necessary.

Marketing –Site Managers take ownership of various marketing efforts to increase awareness of clinical research and current ongoing trials.

Time Management –Site Managers accomplish a lot and work with a variety of people. Personal time management and delegation are essential to success. Site Managers must know how to develop systems to handle urgent and recurring tasks to ensure their site runs smoothly.

Financial Management –Site Managers know how to manage their costs and ensure it is being spent wisely. They work with their management team to establish and stick to a budget, ensuring monetary success.

Problem Solving and Analysis –Site Managers are given the guidelines to operate, but it is up to them to find solutions to problems that may arise. This involves critical thinking, resourcefulness and incorporating a broad range of perspectives into their decision making.

Patient/Subject Focus– Site Managers maintain exceptional subject satisfaction, and successfully resolve subject complaints when necessary. Site Managers also are safety focused and make sure their site meets or exceeds all safety requirements.

Job Requirements:
Prior experience preferred
Knowledge of mental health related field
Professional and courteous
Strong communication skills
Hard working

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